Vegetable Starters

Bhindi Pakora
crispy lady finger fried with Besan sprinkle with chat masala serve with chuteny

250гр - 6.99 lv
Kurkurre Veggie Roll
Butter Naan roll stuffed with julienne fresh vegetables & Indian spices

350гр - 7.59 lv
Mix Vegetables Pakora
Fresh Mix of vegetables, deep fried with gram –flour & Indian spices

300гр - 6.49 lv
Traditional home made Indian chips

2бр - 4.99 lv
Vegetable Samosa
Triangular pastry filled with minced Vegetables and dry nuts

2бр - 5.99 lv

3бр - 5.99 lv
Crispy Bhindi
Ladyfinger deep fry with gram flour and Indian spices

250гр - 6.99 lv
Bhajiya pakora
Crispy, deep fried onion balls with gram-flour

250гр - 6.49 lv

300гр - 14.99 lv

300гр - 6.49 lv

200гр - 5.99 lv

300гр - 6.99 lv