350гр - 8.19 lv
Allo chana chat
Great combination of check peas, potatoes and vegetables with Indian spices

350гр - 6.19 lv
Chicken chat
Chicken small cube mixed with Indian spices, finished with lemon

350гр - 7.49 lv

350гр - 8.49 lv
Makai Chat Masala
Sweet corn mix with fresh garden Vegetable Sprinkle with chat Masala

330гр - 7.29 lv
Kachumbar salad
Fresh combination of Julianne vegetable finish with lemon & olive and Indian spices

350гр - 6.49 lv

350гр - 8.99 lv
Raita ,vegetables
Specially prepared yoghurt with Indian spices

350гр - 5.99 lv
Gift from the Sea Salad
Mixed sea food with fresh vegetables, lettuce and lemon dressing

350гр - 9.49 lv
Crispy patoto & pineapple salad
Crispy potatoes with pine apple, finished with vegetables,red onion & olive oil

350гр - 6.49 lv