Non-vegetable Starters

Batti da murg

350гр - 14.99 lv
Tandoori Chicken
Tradition north Indian tandoori chicken with bone finish with tandoori spices

350гр - 14.90 lv
Lamb seek Kebab
Lamb, with green chilly, ginger, garlic finish with butter & spices

300гр - 15.90 lv

350гр - 15.99 lv
Lamb & chicken sizzling
lamb and chicken cubes cooked with chick peas finish with indian herbs serve with rice

600гр - 19.90 lv
Tandoori Chicken Tikka
Chicken, marinated over night in Indian spices and barbecued on skewer in tandoori oven

300гр - 13.99 lv
Murg Malai Kebab
Chicken pieces with mild spices and cream, flavored with mace (javetri) & white paper

350гр - 13.99 lv
Chicken Kathi Roll
Fresh indian bread, stuffed with Tandoori chicken julienne and vegetables finish with Indian spices

300гр - 8.90 lv
Murg Pakora
Chicken cubes deep fried and finished with chat masala

300гр - 8.90 lv
Chicken 65
Crispy fried chicken bits with south indian tempering

300гр - 10.49 lv
Lamb samosa
tradtion tringle pastry fill with lamib mince and spices

2бр - 7.49 lv