Main Courses - Lamb

Bhuna Gost
Lamb, cooked with dry Indian curry-sauce with herbs & spices

350гр - 14.99 lv
Mutton Do-piazza
Lamb with thick gravy of onion & tomatoes, garnished with diced onion

350гр - 13.99 lv

350гр - 13.99 lv
Rogan Josh
Lamb cooked with curry & whole Indian spices

350гр - 13.99 lv
Saag Gosht
Lamb with spinach creamy sauce of herbs & spices

350гр - 14.49 lv
Rara Gosht
Lamb meat mixed with mince chicken meat cooked in rich tomato sauce and Indian Spices

350гр - 14.49 lv
Saffron lamb Curry
Lamb cooked with rich Indian brown onion sauce flavoured with saffron and Indian spices

350гр - 15.99 lv
Lamb Khatta Pyaaz
Lamb cooked with raw baby onion and Indian Spices cooked with fennel seed finish with cream sauce

350гр - 15.49 lv