Dal Makhani
Black lentil, cooked with creamy tomato sauce, finished with melted butter & cream

350гр - 8.90 lv
Dal Panchranga
Great combination of five lentils, cooked in tomato-onion tempering with brunt cumin & coriander

350гр - 8.99 lv
Dal Tadaka
Lentil, cooked with tomatoes and Indian tempering with cumin and asafetida (Hing)

350гр - 7.99 lv
Rajma Masala
Red kidney bean, cooked with tomato-onion souse and Indian spices

350гр - 7.99 lv
Dal Palak
Lentil cooked with spinich and Indian tempering with cumin & asafetida (Hing)

350гр - 8.49 lv