Indian Bread

Lauhsuni Naan
Garlic bread cooked in tandoori oven

1бр - 2.99 lv
Lipafa Paratha
Triangle whole wheat bread mixed with fenugreek leaf, finished with Butter

1бр - 2.49 lv
Malai Naan
Great combination of Bulgarian Soft cheese and green peppers (stuffed)

1бр - 3.49 lv
Tandoori Naan (Plain)
Bread made of refined flour

1бр - 2.19 lv
Tandoori Roti
Whole wheat bread

1бр - 1.99 lv

Whole, wheat bread stuffed with potato .

1бр - 3.49 lv
Jeera Laccha Paratha

1бр - 3.49 lv

1бр - 2.99 lv